Hi, it's Sam Oakes here...

Congratulations, and welcome to the Outsmart Insomnia program.

You’ve just taken the first steps toward a good night’s sleep;

In just a second, we’ll start on the first step of the plan, but first…I have a huge opportunity I can only let a few people take advantage of.

Its one thing to cure insomnia Its another thing entirely to reverse and recover from the damage that insomnia has already done to your body

But Im going to show you how

See, the question I get asked most often from new enrollees of the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol is…

“How do I see results NOW? I need the FASTEST way to start getting results immediately.

It’s a fair question. Getting your insomnia under control as fast as possible won’t just feel amazing… it could save your life.

Because the sad truth is

Insomnia has been ravaging your body for years.

Here’s what your disease has likely already done to you:
  • Weakened immune system…
  • Slower brain function…
  • Increased risk of heart disease…
  • Decreased libido…
  • Aged skin…
  • Weight gain
  • Increased risk of depression…
  • And more terrible effects, all throughout your body.
But listen: there is a SOLUTION. That’s why I’m giving new enrollees in the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol an accelerated method that both accelerates your elimination of insomnia and helps your body reverse the years of damage.
  • Imagine, you’ll feel healthier and happier than ever before. Your anxiety about the future will turn to hope and excitement as your risk of insomnia health complications shrinks to almost nothing.
  • Imagine your next vacation with your family, and having the energy to go out and enjoy all those activities you used to find exhausting.
  • Imagine never again seeing that look of pity on your friends’ faces when they see the dark circles under your eyes after another sleepless night.
  • How many nights have you spent tossing and turning? How many times have you gone through the day like a zombie because of exhaustion? Now think about how it will feel to watch those dark circles fade away as you finally sleep soundly night after night.
How is all this possible? Because I’m giving you immediate access to my most advanced health program…  

The Outsmart Insomnia Protocol
Advanced Program



I tested countless strategies and techniques until I figured out the KEY secrets to accelerate and intensify the power of the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol regular program…

…and help your body recover from years of abuse at the hands of your condition…

…and I collected these techniques into this Advanced Program to generate FASTER and EASIER results.

You’ll crush your insomnia as quickly as possible, start your body healing, and then build a brick wall between you and your condition, so it can never harass you again.

This advanced program takes even LESS time, LESS work, and LESS effort from you…

…but it brings EMBARASSINGLY POWERFUL results, almost IMMEDIATELY…

…and those results virtually last FOREVER!

This program is packed full of all the ultra-powerful accelerators and intensifiers that go leaps and bounds beyond what I could include in the regular program.

After hearing what it does, I’m sure you understand why this is an advanced health program.

It’s not that the program is complicated… the step-by-step plan is actually astonishingly simple, and can be used by anyone who can read a newspaper.

The program is advanced because it’s so powerful. Because using these techniques will prepare your body for sleep, sharply reducing or eliminating your need for medication at an astonishing speed, and helping reverse the damage done by your insomnia.

The Outsmart Insomnia Advanced Program is an in-depth series of video courses

The first is a program to send your energy levels skyrocketing.

Regaining your energy is the single most important step you can take once you’ve retaught your body to sleep through the night. This is my secret shortcut for avoiding the weeks and weeks of rehabilitation your body needs before it will finally feel rested. This is an ultra-powerful system that brings you closer to your goals faster than you dreamed possible.

The second section is packed full of my memory enhancing technology, which will eliminate any mental roadblocks that stand in your way. It is key for those who feel like their insomnia has affected their cognitive activity. You will learn more and truly remember what you’ve learned, which will literally transform your life.

Next, you’ll listen your way to success with my productivity brainwave audio.

This audio works directly on your brain, leaving you feeling excited and ready to take on the world. It can be nearly impossible to motivate yourself when you have insomnia, but listening to this audio in the morning will have you back on your feet before you can say “5 more minutes.” Your brain will thank you for the relief it will feel, and you’ll be thinking faster than ever before.

Finally, I’m sending you an instant IQ booster.

This brainwave audio works on your memory to improve your IQ, a part of your brain that truly suffers without sleep. This audio is exactly the “next step” you need after completing the regular program.

Plus, these advanced video courses are supplemented by detailed text guides. With the Outsmart Insomnia Advanced Program, you’ll destroy your insomnia even faster, and you’ll keep it away for good.

And best of all…

I designed this with you in mind. I know you’re busy, and your time is valuable.

That’s why the advanced program doesn’t take months, weeks, or even days…

You can start getting results in hours!

I mean, start using this program, and see how you feel tonight! You’ll be shocked at the results.

Just ask Tiffany from Indiana, who said… “I’m so glad I didn’t talk myself out of the Advanced Program!! I figured that the regular Outsmart Insomnia Protocol was enough for now, but the Advanced Program made all the difference. Trust me, curing my insomnia was the best feeling I’ve had in a while - but I give so much credit to the Advanced Program and it’s videos. I feel healthy, which is something I haven’t been able to say in a long time. Honestly, thank you so so so much. It feels much better to thrive and not just survive!”

I get emails like that every day.

Whether your biggest goal is having more energy, improving your relationships, doing better at work, or simply being free from the ball-and-chain of insomnia, the Advanced Program is your blueprint for blazing fast, ultra-powerful success.

And right now only, I’m also including 14 bonus health reports, each one packed full of information to help you live a happier, healthier life. You’ll get info on…

  • Reducing your blood pressure naturally…
  • Alleviating anxiety…
  • Reaching new levels of relaxation…
  • And 11 more reports jam-packed with life-changing information.

I’m throwing them in as an extra bonus to help you fully enjoy your new insomnia-free life. For more details on each one, check out the descriptions beneath this video.

Remember, this program is only available right here on this upgrade page

It’s only available to you… a new enrollee in the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol.

And it’s only available right now. Once you leave this page, you can’t return. Your opportunity to enroll in the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol Advanced Program will be gone forever.

So take a moment to relax, take a deep breath, and think seriously about your decision.

I’m only offering this to an exclusive group of people – those who have shown they’re committed to beating their disease. And I only have a limited number of spots, and I’m saving one for you, but you have to claim it right now.

This is your one chance to supercharge and accelerate your journey to destroy your insomnia.

Now, the Outsmart Insomnia Advanced Program is not available in any stores, but if it was, a premium program like this would retail for about $108.

And each one of the 14 bonus health reports would be about $27, for a combined value of $378.

So all total, I’m offering you a total value of almost $499.

But you’ve already proven that you’re committed to your health. You’ve already said “yes” not just to the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol, but to living a long, fulfilling life… free from the stress and anxiety of constant sleep-loss.

So I’m going to give you this one single chance to enroll in the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol Advanced Program, not for $599, not for $399, or even $99, but right now only while this page is still open – you’ll get it for a simple add-on fee of just $69.

(Discount price for new Outsmart Insomnia Enrollees Only. Offer expires immediately upon leaving this page.)

It’s my way of saying thank you for helping me change the face of insomnia treatment, and for taking the initiative to invest in your own health.

So you’ve seen what this advanced program will do for you, and it’s time for that decision. The Outsmart Insomnia Advanced Program and 14 bonus health reports worth $599 for just $69, less than most people pay for one month of cable TV, or one month of their cell phone bill. Isn’t a lifetime of good sleep worth more than a month of reruns?

And for your peace of mind, the Outsmart Insomnia Advanced Program is backed by the same No-Questions-Asked, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee as the regular program. For any reason at all, just let me know and I’ll refund your money 100%.

That’s 60 full days to experience this life-changing program before committing to the extremely affordable price. That sounds like a fantastic deal… because it is.

Here’s what to do next

Scroll down this page to quickly review everything included in this advanced program, then click the “Add to Order” button and you’ll have instant access to everything you’ve seen here today.

Again, I’m offering a limited number of spots for people to claim their Advanced Program.

But if for whatever reason you’ve decided you don’t want to accelerate your results and start your body’s healing process, then simply continue on knowing that your spot will go to someone else.

So click the Upgrade button below, and start your new life today.



IMPORTANT: The Outsmart Insomnia Advanced Program Is Not
Available At Any Other Time

At Any Price.

I know I’m probably repeating myself, but I want to make sure that you’re fully of what’s at stake here.

I’ve received many emails from both men and women, mere days, even hours after they’ve declined this offer, pleading me to make an exception and allow them to enroll, even at the full price of $499. (FYI I’m offering you a one time discounted price on this page)

And as much as I wanted to say yes, we’ve had to turn them away in order to be fair to the enrollees who seized the opportunity to grab this offer when it was presented the first time.

If you add all of these incredible programs together, it comes to just
over $499. But just for today, you’ll be able to take advantage of our
Action Takers Discount” and get all of these programs for a low price
of just $69!
(Works out to be $3.17 for each program)

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